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Email: yaron@samarbike.com

About Us

Our Vision

Samar Bike was born out of a passion for 2 things: Riding and the desert. Created by two members of Kibbutz Samar, Yaron Deri and Yair Sela, the aim of Samar Bike is to fulfill the needs and desires of bike riders who come to the Southern Arava for a unique bike tour experience.

Samar bike was built by riders for riders. We offer a range of bike riding services, including, instruction, consultations for routes, bike tour logistics, drop off service at the start of the trail, meals that are scheduled and custom made according to your needs, and cozy accommodation in our pampering guest rooms at the heart of the Arava. Both you and your bike will be welcomed with warm and open hospitality as you settle in for an experience you will never forget.

In addition to the bike tour and Samar Bike Hotel, we intend to offer our riders an authentic desert experience, not only through sleeping and riding in the desert but through introducing our guests to the unique wonders of the area. Samar Bike is based on the foundations of regional education and appreciation. We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge of the Negev, Jordan and Sinai Peninsula, with over 30 years of experience in the Arava area itself.