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Who are we?

Yaron Deri

Yaron, 35, has been a bike tour guide for groups and lessons for many years now. After a year of substantial involvement in camel herding, Yaron fell in love with the desert. 12 years on, he has merged his passion for the desert with a pair of wheels, combining a solid knowledge of his desert surroundings with his extensive experience and passion for bicycles.

Today, Yaron is a member of Kibbutz Samar in the Southern Arava. He is guiding the region towards a growing cycling culture, developing a substantial platform for tourism in the Southern Arava area and creating new trails with the co-operation of riders from Eilat and the surrounding areas. Yaron is a qualified riding instructor and graduate of the Wingate Institute of Sport.

Yair Sela Jupis

Yair, 56, is one of the pioneers of Kibbutz Samar. He has countless years of experience guiding youth groups and tour groups throughout the desert. In the past 15 years he has taken his taste for the desert to new heights, combining it with his extensive experience as one of the first riders in the region. Yair continues to further his dream of establishing Samar Bike, dedicating himself to the day to day operation and improvement of something very close to his heart. He is a man of vision and depth whose joy of riding is reflected in his professionalism as an instructor. Yair is a certified riding teacher and graduate of the Wingate Institute of Sport.

Shaki Winokor

Shaki, 39, is a member of Kibbutz Grofit and has been riding since early childhood. After the army, he juggled his work on the kibbutz with instructing for “Mountain Wheels” before it was even decided that you need a certificate for pedaling. Joining forces with the two instructors from Kibbutz Samar, Shaki has helped turn the vision of Samar Bike into a reality. Today, he manages the packing house of ‘Ardeg’, is heavily involved in music and trains and rides with various bike tours in the area. Shaki is the embodiment of excellence in every way. He is a qualified riding instructor and graduate of Wingate Institute of Sport.