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Family Bike Tour

Bike tours and cycling are no longer considered to be a passing trend. Today, the bike tour is enjoyed as a regular hobby by thousands of families who have chosen to ride together as a weekly activity.

Some families hire bikes, while others invest in expensive or cheaper models. They may choose to arrange long rides across country or simply settle for an afternoon ride in a city park. Whatever ride you choose, you can be sure that riding is the ultimate family activity, providing you with quality time together through an enjoyable and healthy group experience.

Family bike tours do not require that every family member be skilled with expert knowledge of bicycle trails, nor do you need every family member to be addicted to riding. While some families choose to ride weekly, others prefer to take bike tours as a holiday activity.

Either way, the concept of the ‘family bike tour’ has become so common that there is no shortage of resources on this topic, from websites that recommend various types of family bike tours, to books with helpful tips on riding as a family.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with bike tours in general, the following is a concise overview of the different types of family bike tours that your family can enjoy.

Independent Family Cycling – Experienced riders who are familiar with certain trails do not need to rely on a company to arrange their family bike tour. Instead, they can hire bikes for their family, plan and conduct the tour themselves. Independently organized tours may not even involve hiring bikes as many experienced families already have their own equipment.

Organized family bike tours – In recent years this has developed into a new tourism niche, with hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses and tour operators that specialize in arranging family bike tours. These tours have become a popular attraction for holidaymakers, much like jeep or ATV tours.

So next time you are looking for something fun to do with your family over the holidays or weekends, organize a family bike tour – family time no longer has to be a drag!