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Moonlight Bike Tour

Niche bike tours have evolved gradually over the years and as a result, there is a different kind of bike tour to suit every rider.

One such tour is the night bike tour, organized on nights with a full moon and ridden across suitable trails for night riding that do not contain dense shrubbery, trees or rocks.

During a full moon, moonlight is spread across all directions, allowing the rider to see the trail with ease. Night bike tours take place in an area of open desert to avoid the natural obstacles that may interfere with riders usually.

Night bike tours can be arranged for a variety of different purposes and can take place among different social settings but they will always remain an enjoyable and memorable experience for the rider. It is important to know however, that night bike riding should be well organized, with precise knowledge of the trail, equipment and emergency preparation as well.

There are moonlight bike tours that are organized with an emphasis on creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere. These kinds of tours will often involve a dinner break over a bottle of wine or a spa treatment in the middle of nowhere. Romantic moonlight bike tours can also finish on a mountaintop with a spectacular view of the sunrise.

Some moonlight bike tours emphasize survival and navigation techniques. These kinds of tours are extremely purposeful and educational, showing riders how to find ground water sources, identify the four directions of the wind, create shelters from the cold and so on. Night rides like this can leave the rider with a sense of empowerment and an experience that they will not soon forget.

There are moonlight bike tours that are conducted independently, while some riders choose to take tours that are organized by specialized bike tour companies. It is crucial to understand that night bike riding is not simple and if you do not have sufficient experience in the field of night bike riding, it is recommended to ride with a tour that is organized by a bike tour company.