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Bike tours through water, springs and rivers

Water and river bike tours are an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for all kinds of people. Some couples opt for a romantic ride along the Jordan River, while there are families who choose to spend quality time with each other by riding through the Snir River, against nature’s finest backdrop.

Whether you are riding alongside a river or on a dirt trail that leads to a flowing spring, the water bike tour can be breathtaking as it brings the rider as close as possible to true nature.

Tips for a safe and well planned ride

The rider needs to come prepared with a trail map and to know which trails they will be riding on, their direction and their color.

Is the trail circular or linear? Based on this question you need to know how to organize the vehicles you arrived with.

Try to avoid riding alone. Bike riding in a group is not only fun, it is also useful to be riding with other people who can help you in the case of an emergency. Moreover, if you choose to ride along a stream of running water, it is recommended to inform others of your plans. Riding along rivers requires you to know beforehand if you are allowed to enter the water, if you can drink from it, if it is polluted and more.

River bike tours exist at different levels. There are those that exist along planar streams, and those that follow winding rivers and gorges. There are short trails and longer ones, so it is necessary to find the right trail for your individual riding capabilities.

Families with children are recommended to take river bike tours of a lighter nature, along quieter bodies of water, such as the Alexander River or the Jordan River. More experienced riders who are searching for something more extreme can try the Arbel or Katlav River in the Judean desert.

For those seeking a romantic moonlight river bike tour, they should take picnic supplies so they can stop for a romantic moment at a stream or water spring. The hills of Jerusalem contain several trails with suitable water spots for a romantic picnic.

Pedal to the sound of running water as you experience nature up close and personal on an enjoyable river bike tour.